Turquoise Necklace


Natural Turquoise Necklace with Silver Plated S Hook Clasp

  • Stone size: 6mm
  • Color: Aqua Blue
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Beautiful Turquoise Necklace. According to lithotherapy, jewelry made with turquoise has many healing properties and it could be an alternative method of combating many ailments. The lithotherapy pays special attention to the effectiveness of turquoise in the fight against hyperacidity. Like many other gemstones, turquoise also helps fight nervous tension, relieves depression, and prevents anxiety. Among other properties, it is worth mentioning that the stone supports the respiratory system, helps overcome stomach problems, and improves the absorption of nutrients, such as mineral salts and protein. In alternative medicine, it is used to strengthen the heart, and throat as well as prevent cancer.
According to lithotherapy, when we get sick, the turquoise stone becomes discolored, which allows us to detect infection faster. However, let us bear in mind that its color may also be changed by improper care of jewelry, sweat, chemicals and cosmetics, hence it is worth removing jewelry before bathing and bracelets before washing hands.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 1 in

16", 18", 20"