Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet


Natural Tiger Eye Bracelet with Round Beads and Sterling Silver Plated Charms

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Length: 7 1/2″

Color: Brown

Stone Size: 3/8″ (8mm)

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A Tiger Eye bracelet with round beads and an elephant charm is an exquisite piece of jewelry that combines the natural beauty of Tiger Eye gemstones with a charming symbol of wisdom and strength. The bracelet features round beads made from Tiger Eye gemstones. These beads are smooth and polished, showcasing the mesmerizing golden to reddish-brown hues and chatoyancy that Tiger Eye is known for. The round shape of the beads adds a sense of harmony and continuity to the bracelet's design. Interspersed among the Tiger Eye beads is an elephant charm. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom, strength, and good luck in many cultures. The Tiger Eye beads, and elephant charm are strung together using a durable material, such as elastic, ensuring the bracelet is secure and flexible. The elephant charm is placed at the center of the bracelet, becoming a focal point and adding an element of visual interest. The warm golden-brown tones of Tiger Eye, combined with the intricately designed elephant charm, make this bracelet a versatile accessory that can complement various outfits and occasions. Whether worn alone or layered with other bracelets, a Tiger Eye bracelet with round beads and an elephant charm is sure to draw attention and convey a sense of elegance and spirituality.

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Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in