Green Fluorite Crystal


Stone size: 2″ by 2″

Color: Aqua Green

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Green fluorite is a beautiful gemstone that is known for its stunning green color and its unique physical and metaphysical properties. It is a type of fluorite mineral that is often used in jewelry, as well as in crystal healing and energy work. Green fluorite is believed to have a calming and soothing energy that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. It is also thought to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness, making it a popular choice for those who are interested in meditation and mindfulness practices. Green fluorite can be found in various parts of the world, including China, Mexico, and the United States, and it is often used in decorative pieces and sculptures as well.

Please note that the photo shows a randomly selected crystal for illustrative purposes only. You will receive a specimen that is similar in size and color but keep in mind that Mother Nature does not create two identical crystals.

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