African Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet


Natural African Turquoise Jasper Bracelet with Round Beads and Sterling Silver Plated Charms

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Length: 7 1/2″

Color: Aqua Blue & Green

Stone Size: 3/8″ (8mm)

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African Turquoise beads combined with a plated sterling silver elephant charm create an eye-catching and symbolic bracelet. African Turquoise is a type of jasper found in Africa that showcases a greenish-blue color and unique patterns. The sterling silver elephant charm adds a touch of elegance and carries its own symbolism. It symbolizes wisdom, strength, and longevity. It serves as a reminder to tap into inner wisdom and stay strong in the face of challenges. The gemstone is believed to assist in personal transformation and growth. It is associated with bringing about positive changes in one's life, helping to overcome obstacles, and encouraging self-discovery. African Turquoise promotes balance and stability while providing protection from negative energies. It contributes to overall well-being. When wearing this bracelet, you can appreciate its aesthetic appeal while also embracing the symbolism associated with African Turquoise and elephants. It can serve as a personal adornment, a reminder of certain values, or a meaningful accessory that resonates with your beliefs and aspirations.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in